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06apr10:00 AM11:00 AMVirtual EventEfficiently Communicating Content Rights for Ad-Supported Video10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

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Communication of content rights between licensors and licensees is vital for businesses in the streaming industry. The accuracy, completeness and timing of rights can mean the difference between success and failure for a title. Yet many content owners and distributors struggle with efficiently and effectively delivering and processing one of the most crucial components of metadata.

Craig Seidel of Pixelogic Media and Eric Hanson of OTT.X have each spent over a decade working with organizations to reduce friction, improve accuracy and increase scale in managing and communicating rights information.

They will discuss common pitfalls and opportunities for today’s ad-supported services to dramatically improve their operations through industry standards and best practices for communicating and managing rights data.

Eric Hanson, Executive Vice President, OTT.X
Craig Seidel, CTO, Pixelogic

09feb10:00 AM11:00 AMMoved OnlineVirtual EventWhy you Need to Consider YouTube as Part of Your AVOD StrategyVA Media | February 9, 2022

Event Details

Explore the opportunity that is YouTube at this OTT.X Wednesday Webinar.

With access to over 2 billion platform users, AVOD channels on YouTube have become an important piece of the landscape and a growing source of revenue and audience engagement for content owners, broadcasters, and other streaming platforms.

Join VA Media’s Mark Ashbridge and Pieter Van Schalkwyk to learn about the latest business models, monetization opportunities, audience growth tactics and content strategies to succeed on YouTube.

Mark Ashbridge, CEO, VA Media
Pieter Van Schalkwyk, Head of Strategy, VA Media

26jan10:00 AM11:00 AMMoved OnlineVirtual EventUniversal Search Five Years On: Is it Still a “Distant Dream?”USAND & nScreenMedia | January 26, 2022

Event Details

Join OTTX, Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia, and Steve Harnsberger, Founder/CEO of Universal Search and Discovery LLC as they revive the distant dream of universal search.

Get the latest updates on the progress of the technology, with market deployment examples and a Roku search case study data.

Explore the growing marketing power that universal search has gained and how it drives organic user acquisition at the lowest possible cost.

Steve Harnsberger, Founder & CEO, Universal Search & Discovery
Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia

19jan10:00 AM11:00 AMMoved OnlineVirtual EventLeveraging Creativity in Advertising To Minimize Churn and Maximize AttentionOrigin | January 19, 2022

Event Details

With an array of streaming TV options at viewers’ fingertips, viewer churn and ad fatigue have quickly become some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. But, another industry issue, unsold ad inventory, might be the solution.

To keep viewers watching before, during and after commercial breaks channel owners and brands have to deliver an entertaining experience. Unallocated ad supply presents a unique opportunity for industry leaders to embrace an outside-the-box approach to advertising and content creation and delivery that captures, engages and holds viewers’ attention.

In this webinar, Fred Godfrey, Co-Founder & CEO of Origin will talk about solutions for filling unsold ad inventory with highly engaging, custom-branded native content to unlock limitless possibilities for channel owners, brands and viewers.

Explore the key challenges facing the industry and learn key insight on how innovation, creativity and customization can solve them.

Fred Godfrey, Co-Founder & CEO, Origin

12jan10:00 AM11:00 AMMoved OnlineVirtual EventStreaming Fatigue: The Rising Popularity of AVODWhip Media | January 12, 2022

Event Details

AVOD and FAST channels are rapidly gaining momentum but come with their own set of unique operational, tracking and reporting headaches.

Join Whip Media’s VP of Sales, Vince Muscarella to learn what’s driving the rise of these free streaming services and the subsequent impact to back office workflows, visibility into the status of any title at any time, and studio-compliant royalty processing.

Vince Muscarella, VP, Sales, Whip Media

15dec10:00 AM11:00 AMMoved OnlineVirtual EventWinning Through Media ConsolidationVistex | December 15, 2021

Event Details

In recent years, the media industry has experienced merger mania with Viacom and CBS, Amazon and MGM, Warner Media and Discovery to name a few. So, how do you win in an industry going through such consolidation?

Join Tom McDonough as we take a look at this dynamic landscape and how you can find opportunity in the change with Vistex.

Tom McDonough, Director of Media Client Services, Vistex

27oct10:00 AM11:00 AMMoved OnlineVirtual EventD2C Means Now is the Time to Take Control, Centralize Metadata Management and Enrichment, and Save Time and MoneyFabric | October 27, 2021

Event Details

D2C means now is the time to take control, centralize Metadata Management and Enrichment, and save time and money – Presented by Fabric

D2C Streaming platforms have turned many content owners into their own distributors, meaning the provision of high-quality enriched metadata has become an in-house problem. Now is the time to retrench, take control of the data, and impose stewardship of metadata taxonomy to benefit the whole organization.

Rob Delf, CEO, Fabric
David Lipsey, Managing Partner, FCx3 LLC

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