OTT.X Digital Supply Chain Best Practices Repository (DSCBPR)

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OTT.X Digital Supply Chain Best Practices (OBPs) are recommended methods for meeting the requirements of specific use cases where published specifications are either unclear or incomplete. While OBPs have been reviewed with OTT.X members, support for them is on a case-by-case basis and should be agreed to specifically between partners. Recommendations for new or updates to existing OPBs should be directed to

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OBP-DSCG-3Ad-Supported Video Terminology,

Definitions for terms commonly used an the ad-supported streaming business. Terms also included in OBP-DSCG-2: Glossary of Industry Terminology.

OTT.X1December 16, 2021
OBP-DSCG-2Glossary of Industry Terminology

This Glossary was originally developed in 2008/9 by the OTT.X (then EMA) Digital Council and is a living document. It was most recently updated in November 2020. (Thanks to Anthony Layser/Xumo, Bruce Eisen/Eisen Law, and Jason Peterson/Go Digital Media Group for your help!)

EMA, OTTX1May 26, 2021
OBP-DSCG-1Intro to Digital Supply Chain

INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN, presented by Eric Hanson, VP Industry Leadership, OTT.X

Eric Hanson, OTT.X1May 26, 2021
OBP-AVLS-1Free Video-on-Demand (FVOD) Best Practices

FVOD (“Free Video on Demand”) is a proposition or payment model that allows video content to be
consumed for free by customers.

Jude Fitzmorris, Amazon1May 23, 2021