Professional Membership

The OTT.X Professional Membership Tier is for individuals working in the OTT & streaming industry as well as students and faculty interested in the industry.

By becoming a member of the OTT.X community you'll gain access to the latest industry news, information and analysis and connect with the executives and professionals who are shaping the future of OTT streaming.

Professional Membership Benefits

Access to OTT.X Conferences & Online Events

Complimentary or discounted access to the speaker portions of OTT.X conferences and online events including Online Live, X Fronts, The OTT.X Summit and OTT.X @ Pipeline.


Subscription to all OTT.X emails, updates, and industry research including conference presentations, the weekly newsbrief and the annual OTT.X industry report.

Videos on Demand

Access to OTT.X video recordings of conferences and online events.

Community Networking Events

Attendance at specified OTT.X community networking events including selected Salons & Roundtable discussions.

Impact Awards

Complimentary submissions for the OTT.X Impact Awards

Membership Requirements

An employee, intern, or former employee within the last 5 years, of a company in the business of OTT video streaming or those providing services to the OTT industry.

An individual currently delivering, or who has over the past 5 years delivered, video content over-the-top (including YouTube, Twitch and other online platforms) with at least 1) $15,000 per year in revenue from subscribers, ads, brand deals or donations or; 2) 20,000 subscribers.

Students or interns actively enrolled in a business or technical program at an accredited institution expressing an interest in working in the over-the-top streaming industry as well as faculty employed by such institutions.

An individual sponsored by an existing OTT.X corporate or professional member.


Active membership is $200 per year

Academic memberships are $75 and $100 per year for students and faculty respectively.

Includes a $50, non-refundable, processing fee in year 1 of membership.

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For individual content creators/distributors*
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For sponsored memberships*
- $50, non-refundable, processing fee in year 1 of membership. 

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