OTT.X University Affiliate Membership Program


OTT.X Academic memberships are for students and faculty with interest in the OTT streaming media and entertainment business including content licensing and acquisition, marketing, promotion, merchandising, and content operations.


  • Complimentary or discounted access to the speaker portions of OTT.X conferences and online events including Online Live, the X Fronts and the OTT.X Summit.

  • Subscription to all OTT.X emails, updates, and industry research including conference presentations, the weekly newsbrief and the annual OTT.X industry report.

  • Access to OTT.X video recordings of conferences and online events.

  • Attendance at specified OTT.X community networking events including selected Salons & Roundtable discussions.

  • Connecting with and learning from some of the most influential and experienced leaders in the media and streaming industries.

  • Gaining exposure to a professional environment.

  • Access to the latest research and business analysis.

  • Networking opportunities to help support education and future career development.


The membership fee for each college and university is $1,000 annually, and provides the above benefits to that school’s enrolled students.

Universities interested in becoming affiliate members may contact Eric Hanson:


TT.X is the not-for-profit trade association that has been supporting the home entertainment industry for over 30 years. Our members form a global community of organizations throughout the OTT streaming industry and include content, service and technology providers, channels, platforms and retailers.

Through our live and on-line industry marketplaces, cross-industry business initiatives, leadership development seminars, industry conferences and community gatherings we facilitate a vibrant ecosystem of organizations continually advancing the consumer experience and business of delivering audio-visual entertainment through OTT technologies.


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