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June 19, 2024

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Disney Embraces Interactive Ads with Shoppable Features and Advergames, Following OTT Trends

Disney is innovating its advertising strategy on its streaming platforms, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, by introducing interactive advertising formats to enhance viewer engagement and increase revenue. These new formats include shoppable ads and advergames designed to engage viewers directly through their streaming interface.

Shoppable ads allow viewers to scan a QR code to be directed to a product's website, facilitating immediate shopping opportunities. Meanwhile, Disney's advergames introduce a more interactive experience with games like "Quiz Show," a simple question-and-answer game, and "Beat the Block," immerses users in a game themed around the advertised product or service. Disney's partnership with BrightLine has created these playable ad formats, setting a new standard for integrating advertisements into streaming content.

Jamie Power, Disney's SVP of Addressable Sales, emphasized the initiative's intention: "It is our goal to push the limits of what is possible while making the ad experience as impactful as possible for our users. With these products, we are pairing the interactivity of streaming with the premium nature of TV."

The Take

Disney's introduction of interactive ads, such as shoppable ads and advergames, marks a significant evolution in streaming service monetization strategies. This move aims to boost engagement and revenues and sets a new standard for advertising in the streaming industry. A 2023 survey indicated that 70% of viewers who interacted with an ad on a streaming service went on to purchase the advertised product, highlighting the effectiveness of this approach.

Other streaming services are also adopting interactive ads. Roku, for instance, introduced shoppable ads in July 2023 that allow viewers to shop directly with their remotes. Similarly, Amazon's Prime Video has added pause ads that link directly to products on its e-commerce platform, demonstrating the synergy between streaming content and online shopping.

FuboTV has experimented with similar strategies, integrating pause ads and shoppable options to enhance revenue and work towards profitability by 2025. Disney has tested various formats, such as the "Gateway Shop" program, which delivers ads to viewers' phones or emails to avoid interrupting the streaming experience.

This trend reflects a broader trend within the streaming industry to explore innovative advertising techniques that blend interactivity with traditional viewing. These techniques promise to reshape how media companies drive revenue from their streaming platforms. As these technologies become more prevalent, they are expected to significantly impact viewer engagement and the economic model of streaming services.

Source: The Streaming Wars

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Fremantle Launching 25 FAST Channels on Pluto TV Worldwide

London-based content creator Fremantle June 18 announced it has secured a global deal with Paramount Global’s Pluto TV to distribute 25 free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels across 13 countries, with each channel being specifically curated for local markets.

The deal will see 24 of the company’s most popular FAST channels premiere in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, San Marino, Demark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S. The deal also includes the launch of an all-new channel, “Escape to the Country,” in the United Kingdom.

The agreement will also see the “Three’s Company” channel launch for the first time outside of the United States. The channel showcasing the 1997 sitcom starring Joyce DeWitt and the late John Ritter and Suzanne Somers, will premiere internationally in Canada later this summer and will stream episodes that aired on primetime through 1983.

Other channels include “Baywatch,” “Supermarket Sweep,” “Family Feud Classic,” “Let’s Make a Deal,” “The Price is Right: Bob Barker,” “The Price is Right: Drew Carey,” “Alarm Fur Cobra,” “Project Runway,” “Prisoner” and “Jamie Oliver.”

“Pluto TV’s state of the art platform provides a seamless streaming experience for viewers and makes it the perfect home for our FAST channels,” Laura Florence, SVP, global FAST channels, Fremantle, said in a statement.

Source: Media Play News

Understand the streaming landscape in this weekly data snapshot series provided by Parrot Analytics. Parrot Analytics’ Audience Solutions shows how both the Marvel and Star Wars franchises have male-skewing audiences, however individual titles have been able to make inroads with wider audiences and expand the footprint of their respective franchises.


Key Findings Include

- Of the two franchises, Star Wars has the most male skewing audience. Around 70% or more of the audience is male for a majority of shows and movies in the franchise. The Mandalorian has been the most successful title so far to make inroads with female audiences.

- Marvel has been more successful expanding beyond the male dominated audience for superhero content. A handful of titles including Loki and Marvel’s Agent Carter actually have majority female audiences.

- It isn’t as simple as casting a female lead to win over women viewers however. On Disney+ Echo has one of the more male dominated audiences of the Marvel franchise and Star Wars’ Ahsoka has a male skewing audience.




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