Job Board Instructions

Please review the Access Agreement to ensure that you comply with the rules and terms of this Board.



Be sure to white list in your email program, or emails may end up in your Junk mailbox.

Employers can post job openings on the OTT.X Job Board.  An agent of an employer should register prior to posting jobs.  Registering will allow that agent to post jobs without waiting for each to be approved prior to going live (and will pre-fill appropriate fields for each posting).  When an agent registers, their authority to post jobs on behalf of the company will be verified, and then approved.  If a posting is placed by an unregistered agent, it will be individually approved prior to going live.

Once registered, employers have access to their EMPLOYER PANEL from which you can post a job, view company job postings, and edit your company’s profile.  To post a job, simply click on that option, enter the necessary option, and decide whether you want the post to be a PREMIUM post (featured positioning, 45 days) or a BASIC post (15 days).

BASIC posts are complimentary for OTT.X member companies.  OTT.X members can upgrade a post to PREMIUM for $15, or can subscribe to a year of unlimited PREMIUM posts for $350.

Non-member companies can launch a single BASIC post for $20, and $30 for a PREMIUM post.  Non-members can subscribe to a year of unlimited BASIC posts for $500 or PREMIUM posts for $750.

To register yourself as an employer, go to Employer Panel -> Employer Registration.

Provide all the necessary details and click ‘Register’. Once the registration process is complete, go to the ‘Employer Panel’ page.

On that page, you will find various options like posting new jobs, reviewing your job listings, reviewing applications and more.

If you want to create a new job, click ‘Post a Job’. Alternatively, you can also post a job by going to Jobs -> Post a Job. At this point, you will be taken to the job creation page.

You will find options to provide the job title, description, type of job (e.g. Freelance, Full-time, Internship or Part-time), company information, job location, etc.

Besides the regular free job posting, you can also choose the ‘Premium’ job posting.

Once you are done, click ‘Preview’. If you need to edit something, click the ‘Edit Listing’ button. Otherwise, click the ‘Publish Listing’ button to publish the job advertisement.

In the next page, you will find a link to your job post. If you have multiple job postings from your company, you can view all of them by clicking the ‘Company Jobs’ link from the Employer Panel page. You will also find some account management tools like edit profile, change password, delete account, logout, etc.

To view applicants for your job postings, click the “Applications” link in the Employer Panel.

If you want to search through resumes that have been posted, go to RESUMES on the menu.  You can use ADVANCED SEARCH to narrow down the list.


Be sure to white list in your email program, or emails may end up in your Junk mailbox.

Candidates can access job openings and submit their resumes.  Registration is not required; however registration will make future applications/submissions quicker.  Candidates registration and submissions will be authorized before communicated.  Once registered, candidates will have access to the CANDIDATES PANEL, with links to their resume, their applications and their bookmarks.

Candidates also have to register themselves to apply to the available jobs and submit their resumes. However, it is still possible to apply for jobs without registering as a candidate. In that case, you will have to provide your details each time you apply for a new job.

To register as a candidate, go to Candidate Panel -> Candidate Registration from the website.

Provide all the necessary details and click ‘Register’. If everything is okay, your account will be created, and you will be taken to your Candidate Panel –

In order to make your profile completion rate 100%, go to ‘My Resume’ and fill up all the blanks. There are some profile management tools like changing password, log out, delete an account, etc. You will also find two other links – My Applications and My Bookmarks.

My Applications will show the job applications you have sent so far. My Bookmarks will show the jobs you have bookmarked. Let’s see how you can make a job application or bookmark a job.

Applying for a Job

Go to the ‘Jobs’ page to view the currently available jobs. Click on any job title to view more details about the job. Once you have found a suitable job, read the job description and other details carefully. After the job description, you will find two buttons – Apply Online and Bookmark.

If you want to apply for the job, click ‘Apply Online’. In the new section, provide your cover message, add any attachment and click ‘Send Application’. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Bookmark’ button to save the job in your bookmarks list.

Previewing your Resume

If you want to preview how your resume looks like to other people, go to the ‘Resumes’ page. Click on your name, and you will be taken to your publicly visible resume. If you are visiting other people resume and want to contact them, you will find a ‘Contact Candidate’ button at the bottom of the resume page.

For both the Jobs and Resume links, you will find ‘Advanced Search’ links. By going to the advanced search, you can search for a particular job by keyword, location, job type, category, etc. and Resumes by keyword, location, last updated etc.