QC Vocabulary Workgroup


The QC Vocabulary Workgroup is comprised of members from platforms, content providers, service providers and industry groups.

The workgroup supports the development and ongoing maintenance of the QC Vocabulary Listing. This listing defines terms used to consistently describe errors and issues encountered in assets and data structures used in the digital supply chain. Such elements include but are not limited to; audio, avails, image, metadata, timed text and video assets. The workgroup’s goals are to ensure that terms are used and encoded consistently in communications throughout the digital supply chain ecosystem.

PUBLIC RESOURCES: QC Vocabulary Listing  



  • 3rd i – Ramon Breton
  • Amazon – Jude Fitzmorris, Justin Key
  • Eurofins – Josh Erkman, Rodd Feingold
  • Google – Austin Norausky, Jason Pena
  • MovieLabs – Craig Seidel, Larry Levin
  • Paramount – Ali Hekmatour, Andrea Kalas, Kathryn Claypool, Paul Charron
  • PlayStation Video – Akane Maruyama, Kristine Allred, Matthew Counte
  • Premiere DIgital – Ali Hillard
  • Walt Disney – Jared McPhillen, Maureen O’Rourke


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