Metadata Workgroup


The Metadata Workgroup is comprised of members from platforms, content providers, service providers and industry groups. The workgroup supports development and maintenance of specifications and best practices for consistent definitions and formatting of display metadata via the Media Entertainment Core (MEC) XML specification and asset manifest metadata via the Media Manifest Core (MMC) XML specification.


Media Entertainment Core Specification

Media Manifest Core Specification


  • Amazon – Jay Webster, Jude Fitzmorris, Justin Key
  • Fandango – Eric Washington
  • Google – Jason Peña
  • Gravitas – Alyson Stewart
  • HBO – Christopher McNulty and Justin Parkinson
  • MovieLabs – Craig Seidel, Larry Levin
  • Paramount – ALi Hekmatpour, Andrea Kalas, GIna Becker, Kathryn Claypool, Nick Edwards, Paul Charron
  • Premiere Digital – Ali Hillard, Steve Rosenberg
  • Scripps – Graham Cole
  • Sony NMS – Jason Sussman, Matt Pristave
  • Sony PlayStation Video – Akane Maruyama, Charles Thompson, Kristine Allred, Matthew Counte, Ramon Brown, Suyin Lim
  • Vubiquity – Kristy Blake-Agosti


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