Avails Metadata Workgroup


The Avails Workgroup is comprised of members from platforms, content providers, service providers and industry groups. The workgroup provides ongoing support for the EMA Avails Specification including updates for emerging use cases and implementation guidance across members. The EMA Avails Specification was developed in collaboration with Movielabs and includes both Excel and XML formats. The specification provides a standard method for content providers to communicate detailed rights data about content licensed by platforms enabling complete and accurate publishing.


Content Availability Specification


  • Amazon – Jay Webster, Jude Fitzmorris, Justin Key
  • Fandango – Eric Washington
  • Google – Bill Kotzman, Jason Pena, Qynn Nguyen, Rupa Ved
  • Gravitas Ventures – Alyson Stewart
  • HBO – Justin Parkinson
  • Microsoft Movies & TV – Jean-Christophe Rat Patron, NIcolas Rival
  • MovieLabs – Craig Seidel, Larry Levin
  • Paramount– Andrea Kalas, Kathryn Claypool, Nick Edwards, Paul Charon
  • Premiere Digital – Ali Hillard, Steve Rosenberg
  • Rightsline – Jenny Morales, Ranjeet Chakraborty, Steve Rippin
  • Scripps – Graham Cole
  • Sony NMS – Jason Sussman, Matt Pristave
  • Sony Pictures – Jennifer Love, Kelly Bouchey, Lonni Silverman
  • Sony Playstation – Charles Thomspon, Kristine Alfred, Matthew Counte, Ramon Brown, Suyin Lim
  • Vubiquity – Casey Miller, Kristy Blake-Agosti


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