API Workgroup


The API Workgroup is comprised of members from platforms, content providers, service providers and industry groups. The workgroup is defining requirements and developing technical specifications for the systematic exchange of digital supply chain data including avails, delivery, display and manifest metadata, and status reporting over secure electronic interface (API).


API Overview and Draft Specification


  • Amazon – Lurii Caisin, Jay Webster, Jude Fitzmorris, Justin Key, Nicholas Miller
  • Bitmax – Dave Bartolone
  • MovieLabs – Craig Seidel, Larry Levin
  • Paramount – Paul Charron
  • PlayStation Video – Charles Thompson
  • Rightsline – Ranjeet Chakraborty, Steve Rippin
  • Sony NMS – Jason Sussman, Matt Pristave
  • Sony Pictures – Brian Owen, Kacy Boccumini, Lonni Silverman, Ron Escobar
  • Vubiquity – Kristy Blake-Agosti


For more information, contact Eric Hanson EHanson@ottx.org