2022 Diversity Summit

2022 Diversity Summit has Completed | 2023 Diversity Summit to be Held on December 6th.

Diversity Summit

OTT.X is delighted to host its inaugural Diversity Summit to bolster diverse OTT streaming organizations with access to information, connections, and opportunities. The full day conference will be held on June 9 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles and will feature presentations, panels and breakout sessions to support increased distribution, awareness and viewership for OTT businesses that are owned and run by minorities and those in underrepresented groups. The Diversity Summit brings together content creators, distributors, platforms and services across the breadth of human experience to share, learn and connect; advancing their businesses and amplifying their voices


Joye Johnson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gather Media Network

Jill Allen

Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Heidi Holicker

Operations Manager
Magnolia Pictures Home Entertainment

Silvana Moretti

Vice President, Partnerships
Curiosity Inc.


The full day conference will feature presentations, panels and breakout sessions to support increased distribution, awareness and viewership for OTT businesses that are owned and run by minorities and those in underrepresented groups.


AVOD, FAST and Subscription Matching the Right Model With the Right Content and Audiences

Gaining Meaningful Distribution for Indie Content Creators

Making Money with ad Supported Video

Producing Content for Underrepresented Groups

Reaching a Diverse Audience


For more information and inquiries contact Eric Hanson or Joye Smith Johnson

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The 2022 Diversity Summit is free to our entire OTT community.



Lynnwood A. Bibbens

Chairman & CEO
Reach TV

Tejal Ajmera

Chief Operating Officer


Planet DMA

Lauri Baker

SVP Strategic Partnerships

Kacy Boccumini

Executive Director, Systems & Workflow
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Paul Brickel

Sr Director, Product Marketing

Alan d'Escragnolle

CEO & Founder

Mireya Dongo

Vice President, Content Distribution

Dennis Dortch

Co-Founder & CEO

Victor Elizalde

Managing Partner
Viva Pictures

Christopher Eckman

VP, Digital Operations & Information Technology
The Africa Channel

Cris Franco

Actor, Writer & Comedian

Natasha Foster-Owens

SVP of Production

Tony Huidor

Chief Technology & Product Officer

Joye Johnson

Founder & CEO
Gather Media Network

John Kim

Founder & CEO
Deep C Digital

Yolanda Macias

Chief Content Officer

Maya Magennis

General Manager

Michael S. Maponga


John Mongiardo

Here Media

Matt Montemayor

SVP of Sales, West & Central
Canela Media

Silvana Moretti

Vice President, Partnerships
Curiosity Inc.

Quincy Newell

TwentyOne14 Media

Damian Pelliccione

Co-Founder & CEO
Revry TV

Narendra Reddy

Chief Operating Officer
The Africa Channel

Lise Romanoff

Owner & CEO
Vision Films

Rey Saint-Vil

Director of Operations, Black Film Space
Senior Lead of Business Operations, OrkaTV

Carlos Sanchez

Senior VP, Global Content Sales
A+E Networks

Nasha Smith

Senior VP, Sales and Client Insights


Opening Remarks10:15 - 10:25 AM PST

Event Details

Opening Remarks | 2022 OTT.X Diversity Summit

Mark Fisher, President & CEO, OTT.X
Joye Johnson, OTT.X Diversity Summit Chair, Founder & CEO, Gather Media

Keynote Presentation | Lynnwood Bibbens - Reach TV10:25 - 10:55 AM PST

Event Details

Keynote Presentation & Panel intro: Dancing at the Feet of Elephants

Lynnwood Bibbens, Chairman & CEO, Reach TV

Panel Discussion | Dancing at the Feet of Elephants10:55 - 11:45 AM PST

Event Details

How small, independent creators and distributors can thrive amongst media megaliths, and why it’s imperative that they do. Domain experts discuss challenges and strategies for succeeding in financing, licensing and staffing for independent and emerging producers and distributors.

Quincy Newell, CEO, TwentyOne14 Media


Tejal Ajmera, COO, Kin

Joye Johnson, Founder & CEO, Gather Media Network

John Mongiardo, President, Here Media

Damian Pelliccione, Co-Founder & CEO, Revry TV

Narendra Reddy, COO, The Africa Channel

Panel Discussion | Reaching a Diverse Audience11:45 - 12:35 PM PST

Event Details

Understanding where to find and how to engage your audience is critical to succeeding in content distribution. But using a one-size-fits-all strategy to reach viewers can result in limiting your audience to a homogenous group and reducing your revenue potential. Leaders in OTT distribution discuss the risks of over-focusing on a target audience and share guidance about how to reach viewers across the spectrum of experiences and perspectives.

DMA, President, Planet DMA

Alan d’Escragnolle, CEO & Founder, Filmhub
Mireya Dongo, Vice President, Content Distribution, TelevisaUnivision
Christopher Eckman, VP, Digital Operations & Information Technology, The Africa Channel
Maya Magennis, General Manager, YogaWorks

Panel Discussion | Producing Content for Underrepresented Audiences2:00 - 2:50 PM PST

Event Details

Producing content that reaches under-represented audiences is a social imperative and a significant revenue opportunity. Industry experts share their learnings, ideas and opinions about what it takes to produce content that is authentic and resonates with underrepresented groups

Kacy Boccumini, Executive Director, Systems & Workflow, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Victor Elizalde, Managing Partner, Viva Pictures
Natasha Foster-Owens, SVP of Production, HBO & HBO Max
Cris Franco, Actor, Writer, Comedian
Rey Saint-Vil, Director of Operations, Black Film Space, Senior Lead of Business Operations, OrkaTV

Panel Discussion | AVOD, FAST and Subscription Matching the Right Model with the Right Content and Audiences2:50 - 3:40 PM PST

Event Details

Developing the right distribution strategy for content is crucial for the success of your content library. Industry experts share their experience and opinions about how to leverage various business models to develop and retain audiences and monetize content.

Silvana Moretti, Vice President, Partnerships, Curiosity Inc.

Dennis Dortch, Co-Founder & CEO, BLACK&SEXY TV
Yolanda Macias, Chief Content Officer, Cinedigm
Lise Romanoff, Owner & CEO, Vision Films
Carlos Sanchez, Senior VP, Global Content Sales, A+E Networks

Panel Discussion | Making Money with Ad Supported Video3:40 - 4:30 PM PST

Event Details

Many content creators and channels struggle to gain a big enough piece of the ad supported pie to consistently drive business success. This panel discusses the realities of the ad-supported business model and offers insights for making it financially viable for emerging organizations.

Paul Brickel, Sr Director, Product Marketing, Amagi

Lauri Baker, Advisory Board Member, Pause Commercials
Tony Huidor, Chief Technology & Product Officer, Cinedigm
John Kim, Founder & CEO, Deep C Digital
Michael S. Maponga, CEO, AfroLandTV
Matt Montemayor, SVP of Sales, West & Central, Canela Media

Research Roundup Presentations Presented by Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Management4:30 - 4:50 PM PST

Event Details

2-3, 10-15 minute segments about trends in consumer behavior and industry metrics presented by research firms in the OTT industry.

Nasha Smith, Senior VP, Sales and Client Insights, Comscore

Presented by:

Networking Cocktail Reception5:00 - 6:00 PM PST

Event Details

Networking Cocktail Reception | 2022 OTT.X Diversity Summit


If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s Diversity Summit, click here or email Steve Apple at sapple@ottx.org.


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