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OTT.X Summit

The winners of the 2021 OTT.X Impact Awards were announced on Tuesday December 7th at the OTT.X Impact Awards Ceremony.

OTT.X created this awards show to celebrate the content creators and organizations using their art and technology to inspire positive action and promote acceptance of, and equality for, all people.

Echoing and furthering the organization’s mission was the highlight of the night - Mr. David Lenga, a 94-year old Holocaust survivor and the inspiration behind Here Media’s award winning - “No Goodbyes”.

David shared his harrowing tale of survival and perseverance with the audience and emphasized the importance of taking action against inequalities and injustices.

A special thank you too all participants and congratulations to this year's winners!


No Goodbyes Impact 21

Impactful Short Title

No Goodbyes | Here Media

From Emmy-nominated writer/director Billy Clift, the short film No Goodbyes is based on a true story about a gay concentration camp captive, played by 92-year-old Holocaust survivor David Lenga, who falls in love with his SS Nazi guard. “I wanted to shed light on a subject matter that is rarely addressed”, says writer/director Billy Clift. “As fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors remain with us, it is important that queer stories of the Holocaust are exposed and memorialized.”

Dime Quien Soy Impact 21

Impactful Series

Dime Quien Soy | NBC Universal

Based on Julia Navarro’s bestselling novel, created by José Manuel Lorenzo and written by Piti Español, Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War tells the story of Amelia Garayoa, a Spanish socialite who is suddenly plunged into the world of international espionage. Set in 1934 amid a turbulent Europe, Amelia leaves behind her family to join the fight for freedom. When Amelia is enlisted as an international spy, intrigue, war, love and espionage quickly become the center of her life placing her in the middle of the most important events in the history of 20th century Europe.

CHYNA Impact 21

Impactful Full Length Feature | Non Fiction

Chyna | Rock Salt Releasing

Chyna was a fearless force who broke down barriers for women in pro wrestling. But behind her impressive physique and imposing presence was an internal pain rooted in traumatic experiences. This documentary peels back the rise and fall of wrestler Joanie Chyna Laurer, whose life was cut short in 2016. Her contributions to the WWE business and her pioneering work and her gripping tale of the "comeback" starting in 2015.

Best Summer Ever Impact 21

Impactful Full Length Feature | Fiction

Best Summer Ever | Freestyle Digital Media

Imagine a world where people with disabilities didn’t have to talk about their disabilities. A world where they’re just people. That’s the big takeaway from “Best Summer Ever,” a musical rom-com in the same vein as “Grease,” “High School Musical” and “Footloose” that features a mixed cast of people with and without disabilities. The feel-good film stars Shannon DeVido and Rickey Wilson, Jr. as its romantic leads, Sage and Tony. The pair meet at a summer dance camp before going their separate ways, only to end up at the same high school where their worlds collide in a chaotic but ultimately cathartic fashion. And of course, songs help tell the story. “Best Summer Ever” was made in connection with a real camp, Zeno Mountain Farm in Vermont, which hosts annual retreats for people with disabilities as well as other marginalized groups.

Google TV Impact 21

Impactful Technological Innovation

Google TV Watch With Me | Google

The Google Watch With Me series spotlights series and movies loved by entertainers and artists. In addition to Watch With Me showcasing celebrities’ favorite flicks, the series features interviews with those curators about why they hand-selected a specific title to be featured. Celebrities and artists will handpick their favorite titles to help you find something to watch. Google TV’s algorithm is fairly good at surfacing relevant titles, but the idea is to allow these hosts to guide users specifically through a collection of movies that inspired them. The hub is yet another place to find something good to watch, and the added contextualization of each film may help introduce users to a title they may have missed on the platform.

Spherex Impact 21

Impactful Technological Innovation

Spherex Greenlight | Spherex

Spherex's Greenlight product creates a shortcut to global revenue by minimizing regulatory risk, maximizing cultural fit, and speeding your time-to-market around the world. A wait-and-see approach can be very costly in time, budget, and for your brand. With Greenlight, you will know how your movie or tv show will be perceived by both regulators and viewers around the world before it hits the market.