Digital Supply Chain

OTT.X’s Digital Supply Chain activities date back to 2008, when we first embarked on defining a standard structure to support consistent communication of display metadata between content providers and platforms.

Over the last decade plus, we’ve remained committed to our vision for the digital supply chain for video content: The digital supply chain should be efficient, reliable, scalable and secure. It should enable, not encumber innovation in new experiences, business models and expanded content availability worldwide.

OTT.X’s digital supply chain activities seek to develop and support standards and best practices to enable automation, reduce errors and increase the scale and efficiency of content operations globally across the digital video ecosystem. Our initiatives include these cross-industry workgroups which meet periodically throughout the year via conference call and face-to-face working sessions.

Digital Supply Chain Workgroups

These workgroups were created to develop best practices and standards, as well as recommend specifications to establish better efficiencies in the digital supply chain.